About LadyCoders Boulder



I'm Elaine Marino, organizer and owner of LadyCoders Holdings LLC. I'm a coder. And I'm a long-time marketer. With my dossier of working with some of the world's largest companies, I took my expertise in advertising and combined it with my new coding career. I've truly integrated my passion for marketing, mentoring and project management with my new Ruby on Rails skill set to create an awesome LadyCoders Boulder event.

I am a connector and a coder, who derives pleasure from social interaction and a desire to help other LadyCoders leverage the resources of the Boulder community to give them the edge and the insight into what it takes to make their career soar. You can reach me via or @elaine_marino if you have any questions.



  • Help women manage their careers.
  • Form a community of mentorship.
  • Increase the number of women in technical positions.
  • Narrow the salary gap.
  • Provide confidence and inspiration.
  • Provide solid career advice and guidance for every aspect of their career.
  • Get women kick-ass jobs in tech.


Our mission is to foster a community of mentorship and provide career guidance for women in technology. We support all efforts to increase diversity in technology. There are other groups working towards the same goals and we support their efforts. We know singling out one gender can invite controversy and criticism, however, we want to be clear that everyone is welcome at LadyCoders Boulder, regardless of gender. We are an inclusive organization, and welcome all feedback and suggestions.

Become A Sponsor

If you are interested in being a sponsor of LadyCoders Boulder, please contact directly. We are still looking for sponsors to cover meals and drinks.

Organizer Bio

Elaine Marino is a Ruby on Rails coder, social connector, and entrepreneur. As an expert NYC account manager at firms like SS+K and Fallon, she was responsible for big brands such as The Bank of New York Mellon, Delta Airlines and TIME Magazine. Elaine now lives in beautiful Boulder Colorado and enjoys cycling, yoga at Om Time and sampling the bounty of the breathtaking mountain landscape. She's originally from Los Angeles, but loves this land-locked state like it was always home.