Gili Wolf

Foundations Training Instructor

Gili is one of Boulder’s first certified Level 2 Foundation Training instructors. Having worked as a graphic designer for 15 years, Gili knows first-hand the implications of the desk jockey lifestyle and the impact it can have on the body. In 1991, eight months into her first 9-5 desk job, she experienced her first bout with debilitating back pain -- an issue that blossomed into a 12-year struggle with chronic back pain -- thanks to many upon many hours of sitting at a computer. In the search for a way to conquer this problem, Gili finally stumbled upon Foundation Training. After 12 years, the chronic pain virtually disappeared after just 4 days of Foundation Training. Blown away by the effectiveness of this training, she decided to become a certified instructor so she could share this invaluable method with other people, in the hopes of empowering them to prevent and eliminate chronic pain from their lives. She believes Foundation Training is essential as a response to our modern lifestyle, particularly for those who’s livelihood require them to spend many hours a day sitting down, ehem, like programmers.

Gili also trained in pre-professional ballet program for 15 years. She is self-educated through years of researching and experiencing various methods of training, body work and healing. She is a firm believer that our lifestyles need not make us sick, but rather we can take control to keep ourselves in good health.

About Foundation Training

Foundation Training is an incredibly versatile program which is part training, part therapy, and all based on integrating the muscular chains of the body. FT weight exercises begin by teaching the Posterior Chain of muscles (glutes, low back, hamstrings, and adductors) to effectively stabilize the spine and pelvis to remedy the imbalanced movement patterns of our modern lifestyles.

FT empowers individuals to manage and eliminate back pain, as well as improving performance in sports and in life by teaching them to understand how to turn on the right muscles, therefore allowing the "wrong" muscles to relax and relieving spasm.Learning to integrate and activate the Posterior Chain teaches the body to move naturally, evenly absorbing the body's weight. For people who sit for many hours a day, particularly at a computer, in the car, or while using any mobile device, Foundation Training is almost essential to maintain a healthy spine and posture. The modern sedentary lifestyle is taking the human body out of its proper alignment and movement pattern, and causing the key supporting muscles in the front of the body to turn off, and over-stretching the muscles on the back of the body, resulting in back pain and improper movement. Because of this, 80-90% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Once an individual begins to move properly, they engage more muscles in every step they take, sport they play, and exercise they choose to do.

For athletes, Foundation Training teaches the body to access its true power center and to move most efficiently by using the largest, strongest muscles in the body, therefore improving athletic performance, speed, and endurance.

No equipment is necessary in FT, and it can be done just about anywhere. The body adapts quickly to these natural movement patterns, so much so that they are reinforced throughout the day without having to think about it.

As the body adapts to these new, stronger movement patterns, both posture and movement improve, and the individual finds themselves getting more out of every other type of exercise.

Foundation Training is for people of all fitness levels, and serves as a perfect compliment to any other type of healing modality or physical training.

Learn more at the Foundation Training Website or their Facebook page.