The Program

    The seminar will have four sessions:

    1. Getting the Job

  • Getting the Interview: Resumes, Social Media, Business Cards
  • Interview Preparation: Phone interviews, Mock Technical Interviews (with Spotify!)
  • The Offer: Negotiation -- learn from the recruiter sitting on the other side of the table

    2. Managing Your Career

  • How to negotiate a raise
  • Human Resources: Maternity Leave, disability, retirement
  • The Law: Employment law, corporate contracts, intellectual property
  • Managing freelance work
  • What it's like to work at local companies like Google & Gnip

    3. Start-Up Life

  • Confidence and Risk taking -- we will learn about both from a life coach and adventurer
  • Hear the Start-Up story of Vanessa Hurst, who is in this high-profile video
  • Rapid prototyping a Start-up**
  • Elevator Pitch
  • How to get started
**This will be an interactive exercise on how you can build a business, rapidly.

    4. Recruiter's POV

  • Recruiter panel: Hear firsthand what they are looking for and how to work with them
    to advance your career
  • Networking happy hour with recruiters