Sherri Hammons

Chief Technology Officer, State of Colorado
Governor's Office of Information Technology

Sherri Hammons joined the Governor’s Office of Information Technology in August 2011. In her role as the Chief Technology Officer, Sherri is responsible for architecting enterprise solutions that align with the State's business goals, developing enterprise-wide standards, formulating a sustainable and agile technology strategy, and creating a roadmap for adoption of the strategy. Sherri blogs and twitters her experiences at sherrihammons.wordpress.com and @SherriHammons.
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Vanessa Hurst

Founder, CodeMontage

Vanessa is a data-focused technologist, open source advocate, and founder of CodeMontage, where coders improve their skills while improving the world. She founded Developers for Good, co-founded Girl Develop It, and previously wrangled data at Paperless Post, TheLadders, CapitalIQ, and WealthEngine. She can also be found at vanessahurst.com and in the CodeOrg video, where you might recognize a few faces. Vanessa will be speaking about Start-Up life and kicking off our Start-up session.


Amy Hartman, Esq.

Hartman Employment Law Practice LLC

Amy Hartman has been practicing in the field of labor and employment law for her entire twenty year legal career. She is the perfect speaker to cover our section on Employment Law and how it applies to the field of technology. Full Biography


Amy Ho

Engineering Staffing Researcher at Google

Amy leads the Global Staffing Research team at Google. Her team located in Mountain View, CA; Boulder, CO; and Bangalore, India focuses on conducting online research to identify and track talent pools, and on managing and scaling staffing projects. She is also the lead for the Google Mosaic Colorado chapter, an internal employee resource group that fosters diversity and connects communities to create an inclusive work environment. Prior to Google, Amy double majored in Business Administration and Chinese Language and Literature, then went on to earn her MA degree in Chinese Language and Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Amy Christensen

Certified Life Coach, Expand Outdoors

Amy Christensen is a certified life coach with a passion for adventure and helping women discover and tap into their own adventurous spirits. Based in Boulder, CO, her company, Expand Outdoors, focuses on helping women get outside literally and metaphorically: to step outside their comfort zones, take more risks (the healthy kind) and live a richer, more fulfilling, adventurous life.


Howard Smith

Tech Recruiting Manager, Spotify

Howard Smith joined Spotify in 2011 as the US Tech Recruiting Manager, overseeing a team responsible for engineer, product and design hiring in New York and San Francisco. Recently he transitioned into Recruitment Programs & Operations to focus on employer branding and diversity initiatives. Prior to Spotify, Howard worked for Google as an Engineering Recruiter, Microsoft as a Diversity Technical Recruiter, and Cisco as a Technical Recruiter. He received his BA degrees in Psychology and Sociology at Emory University before beginning his career in recruitment.


Kinshuk Mishra

Software Engineer, Spotify

Kinshuk has been at Spotify since 2011 and is one of the early software engineers on the US engineering team. He works on multiple high volume backend services and big data problems at Spotify. He is also actively involved in engineering and product recruitment. Prior to Spotify, Kinshuk worked for Amazon, Expedia and Electronic Arts.


Kimberly Lucas

President, Goldstone Parnters

Kimberly Lucas is the Founder and Chief People Connector at Goldstone Partners, Inc. The firm specializes in recruitment strategy and engaged search for early stage and privately-held companies. As a seasoned search consultant and entrepreneur, Kimberly understands what it takes to be successful in a start-up environment and works with company leadership to help build ‘rock star’ management teams and internal talent acquisition competencies.

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Cathy Hawley

Sr. Director of People at Return Path, Inc

Cathy Hawley is a Sr. Director of People at Return Path, Inc., and has 20 years of global human resources and coaching experience. Currently, Cathy is a People Business Partner and is responsible for management coaching and development, culture, employee coaching and development, and also runs Return Path’s partnership with the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT). Cathy loves spending time with her kids, snowboarding, cycling, and travelling.


Jeff Casimir

Founder, Jumpstart Lab

Jeff started Jumpstart Lab in 2009 and has trained hundreds of developers. He co-created Hungry Academy at LivingSocial in 2012 and was the lead instructor, which placed 100% of graduates into full-time development jobs. Jeff started teaching in 2003 with Teach for America in his native Washington, DC. He first taught middle-school students, then taught Computer Science to high schoolers, and finally helped start a new charter middle school in a role most easily described as “Vice Principal.” He loves teaching developers because he feels its gives people the power to build their dreams.


Erika A. Henry, PhD

Research Faculty, University of Colorado

Dr. Erika Henry is research faculty at the University of Colorado with expertise in Social and Personality Psychology. Her research utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to studying human behavior, integrating neural, genetic, behavioral and survey levels of analysis to better understand emotion and self-regulation as they relate to addiction, and stereotyping and prejudice.

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Kelly McDuffie

Software Engineee, Google

Kelly has worked for Google since August of 2011. Currently, she is a member of the Payments team, focusing on sustaining our systems and correcting customer facing issues. Previously at Google, she worked on new integrations with external partners within payments. At Google, she participates in a number of groups that strive to maintain an inclusive culture and help to promote diversity in Computer Science. Kelly graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and then worked for a small company in Maryland for a few years before moving to Colorado. She is constantly astonished by how much she learns on a daily basis working in the Computer Science field.


Shannon McCoy

Software Engineer, Gnip

Shannon will be sharing what life is like as a Gnip engineer.
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Josh Ashton

Director of People at SendGrid

CO native. CSU grad. Husband & Dad. Foodie. Traveler. Sports & music junkie. Track record and passion in scaling out companies with amazing talent. Not your typical HR prof. Believer in culture-over-strategy & principle-over-policy.


Matt Bernier

Technical Recruiter and CTO,
Technical Integrity

Matt Bernier is a father, a husband, an entreprenuer, he has been a software developer for 10 years having worked at two startups, is on the Denwhere? board, the organizing committee for Denver Startup Week, and is a technical recruiter and CTO at Technical Integrity. His passions are community building, gardening, biking, and being in the mountains.


Gili Wolf

Foundation Training Instructor

Gili is one of Boulder’s first certified Level 2 Foundation Training instructors. Having worked as a graphic designer for 15 years, Gili knows first-hand the implications of the desk jockey lifestyle and the impact it can have on the body. She believes Foundation Training is essential as a response to our modern lifestyle, particularly for those who’s livelihood require them to spend many hours a day sitting down, ehem, like programmers. Gili will demonstrate Foundation Training at LadyCoders Boulder.
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