Who should attend?

Women with a technical background who want to advance their career.

Recent Graduates

College rarely teaches you the skills you need to land the job. Meet real recruiters, see first-hand what they are looking for in candidates, and learn how to ace the interview process. You will gain invaluabe career information that you will take with you throughout your entire career. This truly is the class you didn't get in college.

Professionals Mid-Career

Sometimes we are the passenger and sometimes we are the driver. Being in the middle of your career comes with its own unique set of issues -- juggling life and career, office politics, wanting to feel fulfilled, wondering what your next step is and how to get there. LadyCoders Boulder puts you in the driver seat, so that you are asking for that raise, you are finding the exciting work, you are taking risks and you are excited to go in the office each day.

Returning to Workforce

We have met so many women who coded 10, 15, 20 years ago, but had to leave for personal reasons, and are ready to come back. WELCOME! We know the transition back can be tough, and LadyCoders Boulder is here to ease the transition. We will help you build back up your resume, address an absence, teach you the interviewing techniques now employed and introduce you to the local companies hiring. It also helps to have a community -- and that's what we are here to do, give you the tools you need and the community to have the career you want, now.


LadyCoders isn't just for women-- even if our name and language gives you that impression. Anyone who wants to develop and further their career in technology is welcome!